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Little Pooh Nursery


The right place for your kids...
We are so happy that these people finally built our nursery...........ooh, we are so glad, we can not describe how happy we are ?!!!!!!
Come and visit us at our home (we mean the nursery)
Thanks to you and thanks to the one who brings us back to life.........

Hello, this is Winnie the Pooh. You know me as well as my friends in the picture.
But let me introduce the friends that you do not know...in the nursery!!!
*Our headmistres: Mrs. Nadia
*Piglet,rabbit,kanga (From 3 months-up to 2 Yrs), class teacher: Miss. Nelly
*Tigger, Roo, Eeyore, the wise Owl and me pooh(From 2 Yrs-up to 4 Yrs), class teacher: Miss. Khadega
*And our manager: Dr.Ibrahim Eldesouky........

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What this site is all about
This site is there to give you a brief tour of what we do and how we function during a normal day in the nursery.
We would love to see you soon in our place...

My freind Tigger wants to say a word
I`m Tigger, Pooh`s freind.. I want to express how happy I am to be a member in the nursey ... it is so much fun, education is done in a simple way, we have parties, lots of fun activities.....and much much more.........
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11 Goal Gamal Street- Mohandeseen, Guiza, Egypt. Tel: (202) 3461943